Top 5 Best Comedy Shows Ever On The Radio

Comedy is not something that belongs only to the television nor does it have to stick to the stages. Comedy is global and is like the air you breathe. You can find it anywhere and everywhere, and radio is not an exception to it. A lot of radio stations out there focus on comedy as well, apart from imparting useful information and hosting celebrity talk shows. If you are already a fan, you might be well aware of the list that we are going to leave below. But if you aren’t, read more to become an ardent fan of comedy radio. So here we are going to list the top 5 comedy shows on radio ever.

Act your age

Act your age is a show hosted by Simon Mayo. It airs on BBC Radio 4, and it is a panel game for stand-up comedians to take part in the event. Though the event is no longer in effect, it is one of the best-ever comedy series that came on the radio. It was a competitive show, but no such thing would go on air, and it was so great to hear these participants speak and win the hearts of people. The show was quite popular that almost all had their favourite one from the show.


Heresy is a show on BBC Radio 4. It is a comedy talk show that goes live in front of the audience. Though David Baddiel created this show, the show is currently being hosted by Victoria Mitchell. The motive of the show is to bring a panel of guests in front of the audience, get them to talk and make them commit heresy. The show primarily focuses on talking about things that are quite contradictory, and the guests become the butt of it.

Does the team think…?

Does the team think, one of the oldest comedy shows, is alive even today? Though it was finally aired in the 2009 and didn’t show up after that, it is one show that will revive any moment. This is because the show was active during the years between 1957 and 1976 and then it came back only in the year 2007. It is a panel game filled with a lot of humour, and it is a creation of BBC Radio 2. The word ‘parody’ will better replace the word ‘comedy’ as ‘Does the team think?’ was a parody of ‘Any questions?’.

Don’t make me laugh:

Don’t make me laugh is a show that goes on demand and it was hosted by David Baddiel on Radio 4. Though there are no broadcasts as of now, it was one show that received a lot of love from people. The show was a promising entry when comedy radio was losing a bit. Don’t make me laugh is a stand-up comedy show and the participants go crazy in front of the audience. The competition is quite similar to the concept of ‘stop laughing if you can.’


Genius is, or probably was, a comedy show that aired on BBC Radio 4 extra. Again, it is one show that can show up again if it goes on demand. It is a comedy series that was presented by Dave Gorman. The show is open to the general audience. People can send their genius ideas, suggestion and even their inventions to the radio station and the presenter get to talk about it. The ideas are highly ridiculed and are made fun of. But the show did receive quite a few amazing inventions as well.
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